Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tips on How to Write Press News Release

The power of online press release is undeniably great. Journalists go online to look for information (quotes) but due to time limits,  most of them do not have time to browse through other news sources and they simply turn to PR distributions sites for latest news release. This is one reason why you should make your press release eye catching, so that, it can attract the attention of media.

A well written press release will help you in accomplishing the following;
  • Get your website in the media news.
  • Increase your site natural search visibility
  • Generate and drive traffic to your website
  • Help in adding more valuable contents to your website.
  • Help you in building an online community
  • Your website gets the media attention 
How to Write a Press News Release (Contents of a Press  News Release)

Writing a press release is almost similar with writing a blog post since it contains all important components found in a blog posts and only a few additions. 

The headline
This is the most important part of an online press release. It should be attractive and at the same time informative. Headline should tell readers what you plan to do or provide to them. It should create an impact. 

It should simply communicate about who, what, where, and why.  Remember, no matter the type of headline that you decide to use, it must reflect the information that follows. It should also be keyword rich so that it can rank well in SERPs.

The Subheading
The subheading is a one or two short sentences that follows under the headline. This is mostly an italized summary of what the press release should say and why readers should be concerned. It should details what are your values, what are you offering, what is the point of having that press release and how it will affect or help the readers.

The Dateline
Your press release should start with a date, city and state. This help in locating your story. The location that you select should have a great impact on your business or website. 

The Lead Paragraph
This is another important component of a press release. The lead paragraph should explain what, when, who, where and why. This should be written briefly but clear enough to explain the important points.

Quotes add credibility and character to the press release.  Quotes when used properly can tell a story and illustrates the real benefit of what you are offering. Remember, perspective written in quotes is equal to PR power.  A good quote should be unique and not what have already been said.

Services Mentions and Middle Paragraphs
If you are promoting your new website or a product, the first time you mention it, should be followed by a brief description. This description should be kept simple and precise.  All other following  paragraphs should be arranged according to the importance. Editors do not have time to go through all the paragraphs. You must select what is most important and place them next in your press release.

The Closer
The closer should be compelling. Always end your press release with a positive note that reiterates how you plan to deal with consumers problems. Include all the important details that will help the consumers or media to engage with your company/website. Do not forget to invite people to visit your website (include a clear call to action).

The Boilerplate
A Boilerplate is a one paragraph marketing message that is added to the end of each press release (about US). The Boilerplate includes the organization's web address, contact, it value, what it does, and who it serves.  It should maintain consistency, though it can still be revised.


  1. For content writers, writing press release is little bit crucial task. It is completely different from other type of contents formats. Its becomes necessary to learn basic differences for content writers for effective press release.

    1. True. A well written press release with the right title is the key to success.