Monday, March 12, 2012

How to Show a List of Most Popular Posts in Blog

Showing a list of the most popular posts in a blog is very important. This not only provides readers with information about what others might be checking in that blog but it is also a way of showing the audience what sort of information is been searched for most in the search engine.

Blogger has a feature that immediately enable bloggers to show the list of posts that have been read most in the last 7 days or last one month. If you would like to enable the feature, simply go to  Blogger - Dashboard- Design (Layout) - Click on Add Gadget.

It opens to a new window with the options of gadgets that you can add. Click on positive sign next to Popular Posts icon. It opens to another window with the Configure Popular Posts. Set the required field depending on whether you want to show the posts for the last 7 days/month and how to show the posts as either image thumbnail or snippet or both.  Set the maximum number of posts that you would like to be displayed and then click on Save.

If you view your blog, you will find a list of the most popular posts in your blog on the sidebar.

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