Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to Remove/Hide Blogger Navigation Bar

Blogspot comes with an inbuilt navigation bar that you can use to move to other blogs. This navigation bar provides an easy way to locate and comment on other blogs or to even search for blogs that are similar in content with your blog.

The navigation bar appears on top of all blogger blogs and there is no way you can remove or hide. In some cases, some bloggers find it a bit destructive or not so neat as it may not match well with the design or the color of the template that you choose for your blog.

The important function of the blogger's navigation bar is noticeable by all blogger and especially for those bloggers who like  visiting other blogs. On the other hand, they are those blogger that would like to hide it or remove it or those who have already decided to remove it  based on specific reason. 

Any blogger who decides to remove/hide the navigation bar should be aware that, it is against Google policy do so and the navigation bar should never be hidden or removed but if you have really made up your mind and would like to hide it, here is a CSS that you can insert into your HTML.

Go to Blogger Dashboard - Design -Edit HTML. On the head section of your HTML, insert the following CSS;

#navbar-iframe {
height: 0px;

The above CSS will reduce the navigation bar height to zero, making it impossible to be seen. The other option is to hide the navigation bar and at the same time, leave the navigation space intact without moving the text upwards. This can be achieved by using the following CSS.

#navbar-iframe {
visibility: hidden;

These are  the two ways that you can use to hide/remove your navigation bar if you think the benefits of removing/hiding the bar outweighs everything else.


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