Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How To Re-schedule Your Blog Posts To Be Displayed at a Later Date/Time

Blog posts are displayed automatically and immediately after posting but sometimes, you may have three or four blog posts and you would like to re-schedule them so that they can be posted/displayed at a later date/time. To change the time or date that you would like your posts to be displayed/posted, go to;

Blogger - Dashboard - New Post.  In the New Post window, type the information of your new blog posts. Scroll down on the same window just below the labels, there is Post Options link. Click on the link and set your preferences. On post date and time, select the button that says scheduled at and set the date or time that you want your post to be displayed. Click on Publish Post. Your post will automatically be displayed  at the time or date that you have set.

If you want change date/time of posts that you have already displayed in the blog page, go to, Blogger - dashboard- Edit Posts. Choose the post that you want to re-schedule and click on edit.  It opens to the same window but now the text is already typed. Scroll down to Post Options link, click on the link and set the date and time that you want the post to be displayed.

The second option of setting the date/time is usually helpful if you have made some significant changes to your old blog posts. Otherwise having some links to your old blog posts is the most preferable option.


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