Monday, February 13, 2012

Simple Basic Strategies for Ranking High in Search Engine

The process of SEO requires times and patience as well as willingness and knowledge on how to go about doing it. While it may not be possible to generate high traffic within one month, it is known that using the right strategies can hasten the process and eventually you can be able to get noticed by people sooner than you thought.

The following are some of the ways that can help you in generating a noticeable traffic in just a few months;

Use Long Tailed Keywords Phrases as Titles for Your Blog Posts
Long-tail keywords like; how to blog are more meaningful and are more likely to help you rank on top of SERP even without doing some link building or other optimization processes.

This is because, these keywords are considered extremely helpful due to their relevance and if you are able to choose those phrases that have a low competition, you will find your page ranking faster than you expected.

Use 3 to 5 Keywords in Each Blog Page
Remember the more keywords you have, the better the results since this allow your site to draw more traffic through the chosen keywords. It is always better to have at least 3 keywords in each page but if you decide to have more, let the maximum keywords in one page to be 5 keywords or else your page may look like it was made just for the purpose of high ranking.

Join Article Publishing Websites
I enjoy writing articles and I have written a few articles in publishing websites.  One way that I have found very helpful in building links is when you are able to get some backlinks from website with high page ranks. Some websites allow you to link back to your articles found in your blog.

By doing this, you are able boost your ranking faster and within a short time. You can also decide to convert your articles to powerpoint presentation, video, PDF or other formats which gain traffic faster than ordinary articles.

Join Forums
This is another way to gain traffic faster in your blog. You can simply start by posting articles or giving responses where necessary then later on you can leave links from your blog posts that relate to the topic that you are discussing or simply invites other members to check your blog. With time, it is also possible to get friends who would like to know more about your blog.

Comment on Dofollow Blogs
This is one of the best strategies that help in generating traffic especially if you comments on blogs that allows dofollow links on their comments section. It is also a perfect way of gaining quality backlinks and a way of building a relationship with other bloggers. 

The best way to do it is to leave comments with links with keywords or anchor text that points to particular posts in your blog which have the same contents as the one found in that page you are commenting.

There are many other ways that you can use to improve your page ranking and increases your blog traffic. I have highlighted some basic and the most important strategies that everyone can use which can help in generating traffic much faster.


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