Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to Change URL/Delete a Blog

Deleting a blog or changing the URL is very common especially when someone realizes that, the name you gave to your URL does not match with the theme of the blog. For better SEO, it is always good to use URL with 3 or 5 keywords. These keywords should represents the theme of the blog. Any person who sees your URL, should be able to have an idea of what the blog is all about.

How to delete a blog

Go to Blogger - Dashboard -  Select the blog that you want to delete - Settings - Basic - Blog Tool - Delete Blog. It opens to a new window which gives you an option to export the blog. If you do not want to export the blog, click on delete this blog and your blog is deleted.

If  you check the dashboard, you will see a list of your blogs including the ones that you have deleted. You can decide to undelete the blog by simply clicking on undelete this blog. It usually remains undeleted for a period of 90days.

How to Change the URL of the blog

Go to Blogger - Dashboard - Select the blog that you want to Change the URL - Settings - Publishing-  Replace the Blog Spot Address with the New address - Fill the Captcha and then click Save Settings. You have already replaced the old URL name with the new name.


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