Monday, February 27, 2012

SEO and Webmaster Tools

SEO process tends to be complicated especially for those who do not have adequate knowledge on the subject or on how to go about doing it but there are several free online tools that can help you in achieving some of those goals. This includes available free online tools that are used to check keyword and keyword density, backlinks, texts among others.  
Keyword and Keyword Density Online Tool
Knowing the number of keyword and keyword density help you in designing blog posts that are more search engine friendly and help you to avoid getting penalized from "keyword stuffing". 

A good rule of the thumb is never to exceed a keyword density of 5% of total number of words in your post article. For an example, if you have post with 1000 words, the maximum keywords should be around 50 or less. 

  • Live Keyword analysis – You can know the number of keywords in your blog post by simply copying and pasting the post text that you want to analyze and keyword that you want to analyze that is found in the blog post. 

  • Keywords Analyzer – It analyze the metatags, check the page ranking and link popularity. The tool also helps in suggesting suitable keywords for your blog posts. 

Text Analyzing Tool
These are tools used to analyze the text; 

  • Lynx -  A tool by Google that is used to text accessibility of the text in a blog hidden by images, flash or javascripts.  

  • - This is a tool that is used to analyze keywords, word groups and prominence of word or expression. You can copy and paste the text you want to be analyzed or simply submit the URL of the website.   The results will show you the total word count, different words, complexity factor, readability of the blog posts/text, no of characters, no of character without spaces, average syllables per word among others.

Backlinks Checker
These are available tools that are used to check how your blog posts are linked by other websites;

  • Google Webmaster Backlink checker – A tool by Google that shows you how many inbound and outbound links you have in your blog. 

  • – This is a tool that helps you to find other websites with a similar theme like your blog. You enter a keyword and the tool gives you a list of websites with similar keywords like the one found in your blog where you can place your links.

  • Iweb tool – You can use the tool to check page rank, link popularity and backlinks. 


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