Saturday, February 11, 2012

How to Google Trend

Google trends helps you to find out what world or a specific region are looking for from the internet and what topics are most searched in the web. It shows you how often your topic has appeared in Google new stories and what geographical region is searching most, your topic.

It's results is based on a comparison report obtained by comparing the number of searches which have been done from the terms or topics that you enter with the total number of searches done on Google over a period of time.  The hot searches highlights the first top 20 to 40 queries that people are looking for in a day.

How to Google Trend
Go to Google Trend Homepage, on the empty space just next to Search Trend, write down the names or phrases that you would like to search for separated by commas. For an example, I use the following words; blog, blogspot, blogging, blogging tips and blogging ideas.

You can type a maximum of five words or phrases. Click on Search Trend. If you want to check the search results for a particular year or region, don't forget to change it to the region and year that your are targeting just above the graph in the dropdown menu.

My results and the graph from the above mentioned words looks like this:




blogging tips

blogging ideas


From the results, it is clear that the only words that have been searched for most is blog, followed by blogspot and blogging. Blogging tips and blogging ideas are least searched and do not have enough data to form a graph. 

From this result, you are aware of what words people are using to search for information about a blog and you can be able to decide what topics or titles to use related to what people are searching in Google search results.

If you are looking for current hot news, just below the empty space, there is the list of hot searches results in USA. Click on more hot searches to find out more of what people are seaching for at that particular time. It is usually updated after few hours.

Google allow you to use its trends for internal purposes and education purpose or to manage Google Adwords accounts but if you decide to use Google trend for other purposes, you are required to obtain an approval from them.  Do not forget to give attribute to Google every time you decide to use their
Google Trends.


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