Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Importance of Keyword Density and How to Improve It

Keyword density is the total number of keywords that appears in a single page in comparison to the total word count. The SEO expert seems to have come to an agreement that, a keyword density of 3-7% is a good number. I totally agree with these figures but I would probably go for a medium range which is 5%.

Keywords should flow naturally in a page and should not be fixed. Most bloggers try to fix so many keywords in a single page leading to a page losing it original meaning or simply a repetition of the same words just for the sake of high page ranking.

This type of keyword stuffing cannot last for a long time but only act as a turn off to your audience who will have a difficult time understanding your contents or the theme of your blog. Selecting right keywords and placing them in the right place is the right thing to do even though the keywords would just fall short of the mininum required keyword density of 3%.

Improving your Keyword Density
One way to improve the keyword density is by breaking up keywords phrases. This help in adding more meaning to a phrase. Search engine can read through punctuations and any other characters that you do not have to worry about putting commas or colon on your keyword phrases.
Lengthening the keyword phrase is another way to improve your keyword density/numbers. Adding some words at the end or in between phrases can help in making a sentence more grammatically correct and at the same adding to the total number of good keywords.
Lastly, remember to use keywords that best describe what you have in your blog or on that particular page. No need of using keyword just for the sake of ranking high. Let your visitors get the information that they searched for when they land in your blog and avoid using keywords just for the sake of high ranking.  Do not describe something that is not found in your blog by using misleading keywords or wrongly arranged phrases.


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  2. Unfortunately, most people end up putting too many keywords in the post and eventually losing the real meaning of the content. We should always put our audience in mind when writing any post.

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