Thursday, April 5, 2012

Importance of Having a Blog Theme and Fresh Contents in a Blog

Sticking to a single topic is one of the hardest thing to do since most of the time, bloggers are tempted to write about current “hot trend news”, especially if the story is very interesting and is getting a lot of attention. This has been a major problem for most bloggers who find themselves torn between been getting focused on a single topic or sometimes breaking the rule and going for varieties.

While there is no specific guidelines on how a blog should be or what should be written as blog posts but if you are considering having a good page rank and been noticed by search engines then having a focus is as important as having fresh contents in your blog.

I am not saying that I have been the best when it comes to  sticking to topics.  In one time or another, I have broken the rule or sometimes gone out my own comfort zone for one reason or another. The other reason could  be due to the fact that, blogging involves broad topic and more often, it is very hard to stick to your niche. 

For an example, if I would only choose to write about  blogging templates, the most likely scenerio is that, I will not manage to get visitors in my blog and there  is no way I can attract enough audience. In consideration of that, I am forced to write about other topics which are somehow related.

By choosing related topic simply means that, I will not be going way overboard and since the other topics that I will be writing about are related, my blog looks more relevant and meaningful rather than if I was going to talk about love or health.

You may have a passion about writing but blogging about many topics in one blog will not help in any way but will be a search engine nightmare. From the SEO point of view, having a blog with un related contents is like having a pile of books that are very hard to categorize. This will be hard for search engine and it might end up getting confused and leaving your blog not ranked.

The ultimate goal for any search engine is to match the web searches with the most relevant information in a blog.  This takes time and if you have un related topics, it will be hard for search engine to come up with a suitable query from you blog. Just remember to keep your blog simple and focused and surely will be able to gain some recognition from soon or later.

Having fresh contents is another way that can help you in SEO. Search engines are always looking for new information and if they find something new in a blog, they are excited to use or display it in their results. Make sure that you update your blog frequently.


  1. Okay. Your suggestions are quite good and i will frequently update my blogs from now onward.