Friday, April 13, 2012

5 Ways to Start Your Blog Post

The most important part of any blog post includes; the title, the first heading (H1), (H2) and the first and the last paragraph of your blog posts . Most of the times we spend a lot of time creating the best post titles and following it up with a very good sentence or phrase make it more meaningful and attractive to read and  may have a significant influence on how your blog is ranked in search engines.

The following is a list of 5 ways that you use to start your blog posts;

Start with a Simple Quote
This simply creates a kind of suspense. The readers are kept guessing the main story of that post or what your blog posts will be discussing about. Quotes from famous authors or a well-known person can be a good way to start your blog post.

Start with a Question
This gives the readers something to ponder about as they go through your blog post. They get to spend sometimes thinking about the blog posts and somehow they actively participate through the comments that they make. 
Create Some Imagination in the Mind of the Readers
Engage the minds of your readers by letting them create some imaginations as they read through your blog. Use of phrases like “picture this”, “can you imagine this” “what about if it was you”. This is another way to keep your readers actively engaged.
Ask for their Suggestions
Let readers know that your value their suggestions and the post that you are about to write it meant for them to openly give their opinions. Start your posts by simply asking what they think about a specific issue.
Use of Statistics
This is another good way to start your blog post. People will enjoy been provided with factual data about a certain issue but make sure that the data that you are providing is relevant to the blog posts that you plan to write.
Start with a Keyword
This is a way of emphasizing the kind of topic that you be discussing in your post and getting your audience ready for the post.  It is also a very good way to get a better page rank and to increase the click through rate.

Search engine will look for keywords found on the first few lines of your blog posts.  If I am going to discuss about SEO, starting my blog post by the use of keyword "SEO" will be more helpful than when I use it in between the paragraphs.
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