Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to Check if Your Blog Has Been Hacked

Are you aware that your blog may have been hacked yet you are not even aware of what might be happening? Believe it or not, but it is true that hackers will do anything possible to make sure that you do not detect anything unusual with your blog. Hackers will go to the extent of hiding their links that you will never know it since the links are only visible in the source code.

This simply means that you will have a thousand of hidden links coming from your blog from the hacker’s script. This is not only annoying but it against Google policy since they do not allow hidden links/texts and it is usually a ground for penalization. On the other hand, having so many bad/spammy links may affect the overall performance of a blog leading to low page rank.
If you are registered with Google Webmaster, there is a possibilities that your blog may be detected as having been infected with some sort of malware but if you still have not yet registered with Google Webmaster, it is most likely that you will not be able to detect any problem at all. You need to consider other measures to safeguard your blog.
One website that can help you in masking out those hidden links is the unmask parasite . Simply use the above links to go to their website. Fill in the URL of your  blog and after a few minutes, it displays all links that are found in you blog. If the blog does not seems to have any hidden links then the message that is displayed is that the blog is "clean".

If there is any hidden links or any sort of malware going on in the blog. The message that is displayed is that the blog is "suspicious".  If you blog has been detected as suspicious, the website will guide you on how go about cleaning it.

This website is very important and can help you in detecting any sort of malware or hidden links that may be found in your blog. Remember to use it more often to find out what might be going on in your blog that you may not be aware of.


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