Saturday, March 31, 2012

5 Things to Consider While Writing a Blog Title

Page titles are among the first thing that appears on any search engine  results whenever someone is looking for certain information. They remain one of the important components of SEO and for those who are looking forward to succeed in blogging. In that sense, any title page that  is written should be carefully thought of and written in such a way that it will be meaningful to search engines.

The following is a list of 5 things that you must consider if you want to come up with an excellent page title;
Most of your already understand the importance of keywords. Choose keywords and keyword phrases that are meaningful and at the same time they address the content found in that blog page. In most cases, title phrases like “How to do…” get high ranking in search engines.

Search Other Competitors Titles/Posts
Know what is been searched for most and what keywords are your competitors using. This you can simply achieve by Google searching a specific phrase with the keywords or using the Google Adword keyword tool to look for relevant keywords.

Google search will usually give a list of websites with those titles that you are looking for and the most relevant will appears in bold letters. In most cases, the titles that appear on top of the search results are most used and best titles to use but just make sure that you rephrase your title to avoid looking exactly like your competitor title.

Write your Page Title
With your list of most searched and relevant words from either Google Search or Google Adword, it is time for you to write a good page title. Your title phrase should include what you found in search results titles in combination with other words that you may have found in the blog posts of your competitors.

Do not be Afraid to Change Titles/Descriptions
It happens that after sometimes, the title keywords that ranked high for that particular keyword does not rank high anymore or the click through rate remains below your expectations. It is always advisable to try and do some changes or simply try to interchange words or add something in a description.  This can also be an effective way to make sure that your title remains highly ranked for a longer time. 

Have Quality Content
This is the most important thing that any blogger should consider. If you blog has quality and unique content and the title addresses what is found in your blog, you will definitely get more readers coming to your blog. Do not use title just for the sake of high ranking while indeed whatever you have as your content it is very different. Consider your readers every time you write any blog post.
These are some of the things that can help you to rank higher in search engine but remember most search engines will only show the first 70 characters in a page title. You can always try to play around with those words and come up with a more meaningful title within the required number of characters. 

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