Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 Common Habits of Newbie Bloggers

To be called a professional blogger, it requires alot of hardworking, dedication and eagerness to work towards achieving the highest standard of blogging. Learning from your past mistakes and making sure that the same mistakes do not happen again, is one of the many factors that distinguishes a well established or a professional blogger and a newbie blogger.

There are 5 common habits that will make you differentiate between a professional and a newbie blogger. These habits are:

1.  Frequently Changing the Blog Theme
This is one major problem of most new bloggers. In  one week or so, a blog may go several theme transformation before the owner deciding on the right theme. This is just a wastage of time and energy. Choose a simple, easy theme for your blog.

2. Frequently Visiting the Stat
Though it is important to know how your blog is fairing.  As much as possible, avoid checking your stat too often. You can schedule a particular time in a day or even in a week when you can check all the stats including; the Alexa Page Checker, Google Webmaster and Google Analysis Tool.

3. Not ProofReading Your Content
You do not read through your posts after writing. This would be most likely because you do not think that they would be anyone visiting your blog to read your content.  Always make sure that that you re-check your posts before publishing. This will help in adding value to your content and making your posts grammatically correct.

4. Not Updating your Blog Regularly
As a new blogger, you do not have enough audience coming to read your contents which may make you feel less motivated/interested in writing. Updating your blog regularly is the only way your blog will be able to get a good page ranking which equals to better traffic. Try to be consistency in updating your blog as  much as  you can.

5.  Too Many Ads and Less Content
You will not make money in your blog unless you have enough traffic. Too many ads will not result in any gains but rather will only make your blog looks less professional and crowded. Try to use minimal ads then you can add more ads later on when you already have enough traffic. Instead, concentrate on having quality, unique and regularly updated content.

These are 5 habits that are very common to new bloggers. It usually happens only for a short period of time for those bloggers who are ready to move to the next step of being called professional bloggers. You have the option to decide whether you would like to stick as a newbie blogger or move to the next level.  If you decide to work towards moving to the next level, it only take a few months for you to start noticing significant changes.


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