Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to Show Quick Editing Icon on Your Blog Posts

If you would like to save alot of time spent on opening a blog post incase you would like to do some changes, then there is a simple way of editing your blog posts. You simply set the show quick editing icon in your blog post and whenever you would like to edit any post, you just click on it.

If you are still using the older Blogger Interface, this is how to show the quick editing icon on the blog posts;

Go to Blogger - Dashboard -  Settings - Basic.  Scroll down until where you find Show Quick Editing on Your Blog. On the drop down menu select Yes. Scroll down further and click on Save Settings.

If you check your blog posts, you will find  at the end of each post. When you click on the  icon, it opens to the page, where you can do your editing. When you are through doing the editing, click on Publish Post.


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