Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Justify Your Text in a Blog

There are two ways that you use to justify your text; one of them is through the use of HTML codes; Go to Blogger -Dashbord - Design- Edit HTML. Use Ctrl +F to find the following code; .post-body and add the following code just below it; text-align:justify;. Your text will automatically be aligned/justified.

The other way which is very easy to do is by manually justifying your text.  Go to Blogger -Dashbord - New Post or if you want to edit an existing blog posts, click on edit icon (the Pencil icon). It opens to the page that need to be edited/justified.

Simply highlight the text by holding down the mouse key and dragging it over the text that you need to be justified. On the task bar just below compose button,  there is a button that appears like horizontal line.

When you click on the small arrow facing downwards, there is a small pop up window, showing different alignment, select the last option (justify) which has all horizontal lines equal in size then click on Publish Post. If you check your blog post, your text is justified.

If you don't want to justify you text after typing, you can just select the alignment that you want immediately before you starting typing and everything that you type will be aligned as you wanted.