Monday, October 29, 2012

Tips on Writing Topics That are Controversial

One best way to attract more audience to your blog is by writing controversial topics. This is because, controversial topics usually ignite people minds and make them feel the need to respond. Though writing a controversial topic may be fun, it is also important to make sure  you have done enough research and the information you are writing about is factual.

The article should be controversial but at the same point, listing the main points without been biased or just writing it for the sake for been controversial. Otherwise, you may end up been labelled as an attention seeker and sending away your visitors instead.
To write a controversial topic, here is a few tips that can help you to get started;
Do Proper Research
Avoid writing  controversial topics that you are not very familiar with or you are not sure about. This is not only to protect your credibility but to avoid getting yourself  in trouble. Writing false information about another person is punishable by law and you might end up getting sued for libel (publishing false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation).
Know When to Post or When to Write
This is another important tip on writing a successful controversial topic. You just do not want to write about a topic which was discussed a few weeks ago. Understand the trend and know what people are talking about at particular time or the next hot topic which is expected in the coming days.  
The main point here is writing a controversial topic early enough before anyone else and making sure you are targeting the right audience at the right time.
Stand by What You Say
Some people write controversial topics just  because they want to get some attention.  You should only write a controversial topic if you are sure of what you are saying. You need to be consistent, believe in what you have written and stick to your stand. Always support your points with facts and logical arguments.
The better you present your views to your readers, the more they will get interested in what you are saying and they become a part of the conversation.
Present your Arguments Clearly
The main purpose of a controversial topic is to try and bring people closer to your argument but at the same time, you do want to been as is you are persuading readers to take your side. Give them time to share their concerns and respond to them with a concrete argument or a good point of view. By doing this way, you give your readers some more points to ponder and discuss about.
Encourage the Conversation
One best way to keep a conversation alive is by responding to readers comments and presenting your main points as you comments back. This is a good way of driving the traffic back to your blog and at the same time, you are giving your readers something more to continue arguing.


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