Saturday, October 20, 2012

Page 404 Error - How to Fix Page Not Found Error in Blogspot

A page 404 error occurs when a page which had previously been indexed by search engines is longer existing. An error message "Error 404, Page not Found" is usually displayed whenever someone clicks on the link pointing to a page that is not available on a site.

This happens when a page might have been deleted or the URL of the page may have been changed and since there is no page to display, the web server sends the message "404 page not found".
How to Fix Page 404 Error in Blogspot
Blogger has an inbuilt redirect feature that allows you to redirect a non existence page to another existing page. To redirect a page;
  • Go to Blogger Settings
  • Search Preferences
  • Errors and Redirection
  •  Click on Custom Redirects - Edit
On the Custom Redirects, From field, write down the deleted page URL or the page with 404 error message. On To field, write down the URL of the page where you want to redirect the non existence page.  For example;
Note that, when writing down the URL of the two pages (from and to pages), you do not write the full URL on the input field. You only write the URL starting from the first forward slash. For example; /2012/10/adding-border-blogspot-blogger.html and not
  • Check the box next to permanent, if you want the page to be redirected, permanently.
  • Click on the word Save.
  • Click on Save Settings. You are done.
The page redirection happens very fast that the user will not even notice is been redirected to another page.


  1. It happens very often that when we redirects the page than 404error comes that means page not found but I don't know why this happen,may be because the site is down or something else.But after reading this blog I found that this may happen because site is closed or url is changed..

    1. True. That is the reason why when you change a post URL, you have have to redirect the page to the new URL.

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