Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SEO Tips For Increasing your Blog’s Ranking

Nowadays, it seems that every blogger is looking for ways that can make his/her blog land on the first page of search engines. This is because, if your blog is ranked high in search engines, it will most likely appears among the top search results when someone is looking for information. The high ranking equals many clicks or many people coming to your blog. In case your blog is for monetization purposes or you have ads that you would like your readers to click, you will definitely be able to make some money.
It usually takes sometimes for any blog to achieve that rank and in most cases,  it involves a lot of SEO and other blogging tricks. While it is true that  almost  any blogger can be able to engage is some SEO techniques, it is important to be able to differentiate which SEO techniques can be helpful and which techniques could end up getting your blog penalized or even getting a lower page rank. 

In this post, I will be writing down important SEO tips that can help your blog get a high page ranking; 
1.   Choosing the Right Keywords
Come up with a list of keywords that best describes your blog. You can use around 3 keywords in your title while the body of each post should have a maximum keyword density of 5%. Do not use too many or unrelated keywords just for the sake of high ranking.

2.  Building Natural Quality Backlinks
Natural backlinks are links that are gotten over a period of time. There are links from other websites with higher pager rank or search engines like Google, directories. These types of backlinks are the most valuable and best type of quality backlinks. Google will penalize blogs that acquire backlinks through the use of automatic programs or low quality type of backlinks.

3.  Using Meta Tags Correctly
Meta tags are used by Googlebot (spider) or other search engine spiders when crawling a page. They simply describe what is found in the page. If you could be able to have a meta tag content of 100%. This meta tag would be one best way to fully represent what is found in your blog and would definitely improve your page ranking.
4.  Updating your Blog Frequently
This is one of the most important things that you can do. Search engines are always looking for something new to index. If you frequently update your blog with new, unique contents you blog will rank higher sooner than  you expected.
5.  Submitting your Blog to Search Engine
This is very important especially for new blogs. Older blog will get updated almost immediately when someone publishes a new post but if your blog is still new, you need to submit your new posts for indexing every time you update your blog.

6.  Using Social Media Buttons
Your readers can recommend your contents to their followers. Social media networking is one of the best ways to advertise your contents. They are a source of quality backlinks and your blog gains popularity and more traffic. 

7. Using Google Webmaster and Analytic Tools
For you to be able to find out whether your blog is progressing or not, you need to know what is happening on your blog. Tools like Google Webmaster, Google Analytics and other tools available online will help you in diagnosing the problem and thinking of a better solution to solve the problem that was found.

8. Avoiding SEO Deals
This includes any deal that may help your blog ranking high but may lead to penalization. Such deals may be buying backlink building programs, keyword stuffing, using titles with keywords that are not related to the post content, hiding text, duplicate contents or any other thing that is considered as " not search engine friendly”. These deals may rank you blog high but you may eventually end up losing everything.

These are some few tips that can help your blog in ranking high in search engine. Just remember that, you blog will not rank high in three or few months to come and may take several months before you start reaping the results of your hardwork. The most important thing that you can do is to keep on doing your part and never to give up.

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  1. You should also consider having an RSS Feed on your website that contains significant news that are related to your business or your chosen career, and then link these to one of your articles. Feeds allow you to get your site around the Web so that people who come across it might share or recommend your articles. Likewise, you can create an RSS subscriber button on your website and encourage people to sign up. As more people sign up, the chances of increasing your site’s ranking go up.

    1. I agree with you. Anything that can bring extra traffic to your website is always very important.