Monday, May 7, 2012

How to Insert Blogger Blog Read More Links

Showing only a part of your blog post reduces the amount of space that the whole post occupies and is a way of creating suspense to the readers. Readers will most likely be interested in reading further your post especially if the post is very interesting or it has important or informative information.  You are also able to fit several posts in a small space reducing the amount of time spent on loading a page.

Bloggers blog usually comes with the insert jump break features that allow you to create automatic Read More links and hide part of your blog posts.

Go to Blogger Dashboard - New Post and compose your blog post. Once you are through writing your posts, position the mouse where you want the line break to appear and click on insert jump break icon found on the top bar (the paper looking icon which is divided into two parts). A dashed line with a grey shadow will be inserted below the text that will be displayed on your blog page. Click on Publish. 

When you check your blog post, you will find the read more link is already inserted without the dashed line.  You can simply remove it by going back to editing and clicking on the the dashed line to select it then using the delete key.

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