Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tips on How to Make a Successful Blog

Whether you only own one blog or you have multiple blogs, you will definitely agree with me when I say that, any form of blogging is a kind of a responsibility. Blogging requires dedication, passion, discipline, patience, education and commitment among others. Even if you are interested in blogging and you lack most of these skills, it would simply be an indication that blogging then is not your area.

There are several tips that  any blogger can utilized in his/her blog inorder to become successful. These are my simple 6 steps to blogging sucess.

1.  Clear Voice/Consistency
Have a clear voice and your audience in mind when composing any blog post. Let your audience know what you are giving them is of quality and consistence.  Allow your readers to comment and comment back to them. Blog is a place for conversation and not a place to be so serious and irresponsive.  A blog should be welcoming, friendly and informative.

2.  Content
As the saying goes "Content is King".  Blog with interesting, authentic, valuable contents are more appealing and most likely to be successful. Your blog posts does not have to be over 1000 words, it can be short and direct to the point. Links to other websites with valuable information can be a good source of more information.  You do not have to be professional writer to success in blogging, just be enthusiastic in what you do and share your tips and advice with your audience.

3. Theme
Whether your blog is educational, opinionated or contraversial, readers are more pleased when you allow them to give out their own perspective. If you are selling a particular product in your blog, it would be more appropriate if you could incorporate other themes so that your audience can share other ideas and opinions outside the products that you selling.

Adding a shoutbox in your blog would be another better way to encourage your readers to share their other concerns. Your readers will feel they are not only visiting your blog for your products but they are also connecting with you and other members of the blog.

4. Design
Design and blog usability is an important factor for any blog success.  No reader will be pleased to browse through the website if he can hardly find whatever he is lookingn for. Having a well designed, professional looking blogs ads credibility and you are more likely to attract more readers. Remember to always look forward to creating more trust and credibility among your readers.

5. SEO
No blog can be successful without SEO techniques. Use right keywords/phrases when writing  headlines, and anchor texts that describes well your posts and get into habit of tracking your blog performance through the Google Analytics. Build quality backlinks as much as possible but make sure they are coming from related sources.
6. Advertise
Let people know about your blog. Comments in other blogs and if possible, leave your contact so that anyone can get back to you. Do guest blogging whenever possible to increase backlinks and promote your blog is social networks like Facebook.

These are my 6 simple steps to blogging success. Though the results may varies and it may takes time to become a successful blogger, I believe with commitment, patience and dedication and other skills that I have mentioned above, any blogger can reach the height of been called a successful blogger. You do not need to be an expert in blogging just be passionate and share whatever you know and surely you will be successful.


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