Friday, May 18, 2012

How to Enable/Disable Commenting in a Blogger Blog

Threaded commenting is a basic feature that comes with blogger's blog. It allows the readers or anyone to leave or respond to comments of the other audience unlike in single level commenting where you only respond to a post or post a comment to another post. It is also another way of encouraging a dialogue among readers.

In most cases, comments are automatically enabled in a bloggers blog once you publish a post but incase you find that you do not have comments enabled in your blog or you accidently set something which disabled it. Here is what you can do to enable it;

Go to;
  • Blogger - Dashboard
  • Setting - Others - Site Feed (Select allow blog feed to full)
  • Click on Save Settings
  • Click on Post and Comments
  • Comment Location -Select Embedded
  • Set all other necessary  information like who is allowed to comment. Whether you want to moderate the commenting.
  • If you want to be notified every time someone leaves a comment, write down your email address on email moderation request.
  • Click on show word verification if you would like your audience to verify some word before commenting.

Click on Save settings. Your threaded commenting is now enabled in your all your blog posts.

You can simply disable/hide commenting feature by going back to;
  • Settings
  • Posts and Comments
  • Comments Location -hide
  • Save Settings.


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  3. Click on show word verification if you would like your audience to verify some word before commenting.