Saturday, December 24, 2011

Add a Site to Google

If you want your web pages to be crawled faster by Google or any other search engine, you need to submit your sitemap to search engine. For Google site submission, the websites is crawled by Googlebot; spiders that are used to crawl your blog looking for new contents.

To be able to submit your site to Google for indexing, you will need to have a gmail account. Once you have an existing gmail accoount, you can use the same email to login to Google Webmaster Tools.

Login to Google Webmaster and click on Optimization link found on the left side of the Webmaster tool Page. When you click on it, you will see a list of links following under optimization. Click on the first link, Sitemaps. A new page will open with the word Add/Test Sitemap at the far corner of the right side of the page.

When you clink of the above link,  small pop up window will appear. Fill in the URL of your blog like shown below;

You can test the sitemap for errors before submitting it by clicking on the Test Sitemap button. Once you are done testing and there are no errors, click on Submit Sitemap. A  message will be displayed that shows the sitemap was submitted. Click on Refresh this Page or you can choose to close it if you do not want to see the number of pages submitted and indexed.

Once you click on Refresh this Page, you will be able to see how many pages you have submitted for indexing and how many of them have been indexed. If  you find that you have pages which are submitted but pending for indexing, you just have to be patience and soon they will be indexed.

That is all what you need to do to add your site to Google.

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