Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tips on Adding Meta Tag HTML in Blog

Meta tags are used by search engine in indexing. They are used to give an idea of what is found in a web page. This make Meta tags an important element in indexing because in most cases, the crawlers or spiders are not able to pick all keywords or phrases that you want to be indexed and and are guided by the Meta tags.

Meta tags are inserted at the top of your document or <head> region of any blog or website. They contains titles, general information, keywords, pages to be index and other information like author's name in form of words. Making sure that the contents remain reasonably short, concise and to the point is important to avoid having too many uncessary words. 

Even though some websmaster choose not to use Metatags.  Meta tags can lead to better indexing which may eventually increase your site exposure and traffic.  Choosing appropriate keyword also determines your traffic.

The following is a short tutorial on how to insert Meta tag in your HTML; 

og in to your Dashboard - Design - Edit HTML (old interface) or Dashboard - Template, Edit HTML - Proceed (new interface). Download your template first before making changes.  Search for <head> code which is found on top of the template and immediately after the <head> code insert the following:
<font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Put title or name of your blog here</font>
<title>Put title or name of your blog here</title>
< link href="mailto:Put your Email Address Here" rev="made"/>
< meta content=" Keywords Separated by Comma here" name="keywords"/>
< meta content="Your Name Here" name="author"/>
< b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
< meta content="Description of Your Blog in the Template" name="description"/>
< /b:if>
< meta content="index, follow" name="ROBOTS"/>.

Note that this depends on whether you want the robot to follow and index your page or not. You can change to other options like index, no follow or no index, follow or no index, no follow.
If you want to apply to a specific page, use the following line of codes for both indexing and keywords.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == "URL of the Page that You Don't want to be followed">
< meta name="ROBOTS" content="No index, No follow"/>
< meta content="Keywords Separated by Comma" name="keywords">
< /b:if>

Avoid using keywords or description of words that are not found in your blog to try and divert traffic from another website. Otherwise, your blog may end up getting penalized.

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