Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to Write a Product Review

Writing a product or service review might be sometimes tricky because, you have to put into consideration that whatever you write will have an impact or influence on how the consumer perceive the product and eventually will affect the sales. There are usually some rules and guidelines that any writer need to follow and sometimes it requires you to have a specific format especially if you are going to compare two things at a time.

The first step is an a simple introduction of what you want to review.  Get some information about the product/service on the internet even if you have already used the product. Take some shot of the product or the website that you are reviewing and notice any other information that may be helpful. Remember that being more creative helps the product that you are reviewing to be more appealing to the consumer’s eye. If you are reviewing a website, include the company logo to incorporate in your review later on.

The next step is to write a summary of the product or service. This is simply the body of the review and should contain a  summary of the review within the minimum words that is required. State what is this product, what is the use, packaging and why should people go for it.

The next paragraph is where you list the key benefits of using this product or services. Use list, numbers and bulletins to enumerate them and to make it easy for the reader to follow. Talk about what make the product unique and special and why should people go for it (pro and cons) or what is the website offering that is not found in other websites.

The next line should talk about what type of consumers the product suits most, it should talk about the regular customers and if possible, try to include some reviews from other consumers. Get testimonials from people who have bought the product or if you are reviewing a website, get some testimonials from those consumers how have had an apportunity to shop from the website.

Lastly, compare  the product or services with other similar companies that are leading in that industries.  Try to pick popular companies or leading companies that manufacture similar high quality products. Find out why those companies are leading and what make them unique; include what your company is offering that make it unique or more attractive to the buyers.

You can list some goods from different companies and their prices for comparison purposes but remember that your product or service review should be honest and original without biasism in any way.


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