Monday, October 24, 2011

Banned from Adsense - 2 Main Reasons Why Google Disabled your Adsense

Currently, there are so many blog owners or websites owners who are complaining that Google has disabled their adsense accounts without any explanation. This is because, most of the website owners do not take time to read the Google policy quite well before applying for adsense account and end up violating the policy soon after the code is running on their blog.

The following are some of the few mistakes that can lead to permanent ban of Google ads on your blog;

Invalid clicks
These are false clicks that are generated either by the website owner, encouraging others to click on ads or by automated clicking programs and other softwares that acts like that shows false impressions about clicking.

Altering of the Google Code
This is where the publisher changes the code of ads by either altering the layout, behaviour, target or delivery of ads to suits his or her needs. The Google ads code should not be changed or altered in anyway.

These are the two main reasons why Adsense accounts are disabled. For publishers who are caught violating the Adsense terms of use by having invalid click or by using other means, Adsense do not allow further participation in their program unless you are able prove otherwise.

If you had some money in your Adsense account by the time you account is disabled, you are not paid anything and the money is returned to the adverisers.


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