Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blog Post - How to Write a Blog Post

Writing a post is interesting and an easy task for most bloggers but most writers forget that, what matters most is not a long list of pages but the contents and the messages each post send to the readers. In order to write high quality articles/posts, there are various factors that one needs to put in consideration such as; will the reader be comfortable when reading my content or is my article search engine language friendly.

A well written post should contains the right recipe to be able to attract huge number of audiences and for the writer to enjoy the benefits of such article tremendously. It should not be boring or outside the main topic. It should address the readers' concerns.  It should contain;

1.  Relevant Title
This is the most important thing in the article that grabs the attention and imagination of the audience is the title. It should be made in a way that it compels the reader to pause a bit and think about the contents. It should be an eye catching and well optimized. It should also address the main idea of the whole article and should not be misleading in any way.  Misleading titles that don’t match the contents lead to the audience losing faith in the article before reading it.
2.  The Body or Content
The content remains another important part if you want to success in writing. It should go together with the title. It should address all concerns and worries that the audience must be having and should display the relevant and factual materials.

Been knowledgeable and expert in what you do is the only best way to retain the attention of the your readers. A well written and informative article will increases the reader's curiosity and arouses his interest to continue reading through the article. He will be interested in knowing more about you. The body should be as much as possible within the topic and not boring  or out of topic.
3.  Sub Titles, bulleting or numbering
These simply will help the readers to identify important points without having to read through the whole article.  It increases the value of article and help to identify the topics that needs emphasizing. It makes it easy for the visitors to know author’s perspective regarding the article and is a way of increasing interest to the readers.

5.  Use of Simple Language
Using common language that even lay man can understand adds value to the contents. It is easy to connect with readers when they understand the message with ease. Use of hard vocabularies or medical terms that need one to check the meaning will not help much but only acts as a turn off for most of the audience.  The article should be precise with no grammar errors and the flow of the contents should be simple.

5. Sincerity of Purpose
The article should have its purpose. It should not only be written to gain the monetary value but the sincerity of the message it convey means a lot to the readers. It main purpose should be to educate the readers.

You should have that sincere heart when writing any article, with that, you are able to connect with readers and the same time your reputation will grow and more audience will be able to trust you more. The visitor is an important guest that needs to be treated right by getting the right needs addressed.

6. Check Out What Others are Writing About
Knowing and commenting on other writers’ articles will not harm you in any way but only increases your awareness. It is better to know what others are saying and write about the those "hot topic" when possible. As you read through other articles, you are able to gain more knowledge and you become better equipped knowledgewise.


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